Please note that Neighbourhood Watch cannot take crime reports. If a crime is happening right now, or if you suspect something is about to happen, of if you are witnessing suspicious behaviour please contact the police now, using the information below. The sooner the police become aware of a problem, the more chance they have of apprehending suspects and protecting residents.

Reporting a Crime

Dial 999 in an emergency - if you see a crime in progress, if you suspect one is about to be committed, if you see someone suspected of a crime, or if you see someone who is injured, being threatened or in immediate danger. Deaf and deafened people should dial 18000 in an emergency. For all other calls, such as reporting a crime or incident not meeting the above criteria, you wish to speak to the local police or seek advice on police matters, dial 101, or contact your local ward Safer Neighbourhood Team. If you are concerned by anti-social behaviour and worry it will escalate into criminal activity, it’s best to report it to your Safer Neighbourhood Team. You can find their contact details by clicking HERE or dial 101 and explaining your situation. You can also report online at

The above options require you to identify yourself and supply further information. If you prefer to call anonymously with information about a crime, call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 or fill out an online form at If you have been a victim or crime and want support, please contact Victim Support on 0808 168 9111 or visit

All you need to know about dropped kerbs, badly parked
or abandoned vehicles

Report illegally parked vehicles

Merton Council has a dedicated phone line for reporting illegally parked vehicles, which is available Monday to Saturday from 7am to 10pm, and Sundays 11.45am to 4pm. Call 020 8545 4661 (option 3) as soon as you notice an illegally parked vehicle, such as a vehicle parked:

  • on the pavement or grass verge
  • on yellow lines during restricted hours
  • in a disabled bay without a Blue Badge
  • obstructing the flat section of a driveway or dropped kerb.

Only use this line to report illegal parking. The officers who operate this line will not be able to discuss other parking-related issues with you.

Information you will need to give

You will need to provide details of the illegally parked vehicle you are reporting, including its location and a description of the vehicle. If it is blocking your driveway, you will also need to include your name and contact number.

What happens next

A civil enforcement officer (CEO) will visit the location and issue a penalty charge notice (PCN) if the vehicle contravenes parking restrictions. We do not have the facility to remove vehicles. Vehicles must not park in a way that blocks any part of the flat section of a dropped kerb (shown by the red lines in the picture below).

Report a vehicle blocking your dropped kerb

To report a vehicle blocking your dropped kerb, call 020 8545 4661 and select option 3. The line is open from Monday to Saturday 7am to 10pm and on Sundays from 11.45am to 4pm. Civil enforcement officers (CEOs) can then visit the location and issue a penalty charge notice (PCN) to any vehicle that blocks any part of the flat section indicated by the red lines below.

Abandoned Vehicles

The abandoned vehicle service will:

  • inspect all reported abandoned vehicles prior to removal and disposal
  • report all suspected stolen vehicles to the police
  • report all claimed vehicles that are untaxed to the DVLA
  • remove all abandoned vehicles from the public highway and from other open land, where the permission of the property owner has been given at cost to the Property Owner
  • ensure our contractors work safely and efficiently and dispose of all removed vehicles in an authorised manner.

The service aims to meet the following standards:

  • inspect abandoned vehicles within two working days of them being reported
  • remove from the highway within 48 hours of inspection, all abandoned vehicles that we consider to be a danger to the public
  • place a 24 hour, 7 or 15 day notice on any vehicle considered to be abandoned, declaring our intention to remove and destroy it

You can help by:

  • providing us with the registration number, colour, make and model and exact location of any suspected abandoned vehicle
  • telling us of any changes in the condition or location of a suspected abandoned vehicle after you have initially reported it.

Use this link to report an abandoned vehicle: