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Watching and caring - not snooping - That's what NHW is all about - looking out for each other. Acting together means that dozens of eyes & ears are ready to pick up on what's happening in the neighbourhood, It's not snooping or interfering, it's about being a good neighbour & caring about your community.

A better quality of life - There is more to NHW than protecting homes & burglary. By working together, you can help reduce all sorts issues, improve the environment by getting something done about vandalism, graffiti, poor lighting etc

Neighbourhood Watch is for everyone - NHW is about bringing people closer together. Anyone can join a NHW scheme & everyone can play a part in its achievements,

Neighbourhood Watch means working together - NHW means no-one is alone. Your neighbours will look out for your family, your home and your street or estate, & you would do the same for them. NHW can also help the to keep a check on people who are more vulnerable. Those that have had their home broken into before can all benefit from having an extra pair of eyes. The police, other community & voluntary organisations all support Neighbourhood Watch.

How does it work? - Everyone who joins a NHW scheme plays an important part in making their neighbourhood a safer, friendly & pleasant place to live in. The most important thing members can do, is to look out & report anything that seems suspicious or unusual to the police, it may solve or prevent a crime, or stop someone becoming a victim of crime. It is always important to remember, let the police check it out - you must never challenge someone as you will be putting yourself at risk.

Everyone is valuable - Each NHW scheme is run by a local co-ordinator, that acts as a link between the members, the local police, council & other community groups. The link works ways, as well as reporting suspicious activities or advice from the police, the coordinator will hear about incidents in the neighbourhood. These could be about burglars operating in the area, report door 'salesmen', car thieves at work, or local drug dealing, for instance.



Q.  What is Neighbourhood Watch?     
A.  NHW is made up of small groups of volunteer residents in streets, flats or communities. Members look out for signs of crime in their own 
     neighbourhoods, and share that information with each other and local police and SNTeams. You follow basic rules and guidelines set out 
     by the Merton NHW Association, and work closely with your local police and SNTeams, If you’re interested in joining your local NHW, 
     but you don’t know where to start, contact your local police SNTeam. 
Q. How does Neighbourhood Watch work?   
A. If you join NHW, you will get to know your neighbours. You'll pay attention to the cars normally parked on your street, and to which of 
    your neighbours is having work done on their house. You might even know which of your neighbours is away for any length of time. 
    Using that information, you’re more likely to know when something unusual is happening on your street, or when something just doesn’t 
    look right. By keeping an eye out for your neighbours, you can help police stop crimes from happening.
Q. How do I start up a Neighbourhood Watch?
A. Contact your NHW Manager on 020 8649 3213 or contact us for further details, or you can speak to a member of your local SNTeam.
Q. How long would I have to serve as a member of Neighbourhood Watch?  
A. You're under no obligation - serve for as long or as short a time as you wish. If you do decide to leave though, it helps if you can give your 
     street co-ordinator a little notice, so they can fill the gap you will leave.      
Q. How much does it cost to join?
A. Nothing.         
Q. Does being a member of Neighbourhood Watch mean that I can involve my family?    
A. Generally speaking, yes - but do make sure that children don't become too involved, apart from making them aware of when they them-
     selves are at risk. NHW requires maturity, judgement and an adult sense of responsibility.             
Q. I have a disability. Will it create problems? Are disabled people really welcome in the scheme? 
A. Disabled people can often prove to be the most useful members. But if you have doubts, have a word with your Street Co-ordinator.
Q. What is the MNWA?
A. The MNWA is the Merton Neighbourhood Watch Association. The committee, whom are all current co-ordinators, meet at least once a 
     month, and are always looking for new members with new ideas. They are funded by Merton Police and Merton Council, as well as 
     raising funds. All this allows them to hold a AGM once a year.

Q. How do I contact my Safer Neighbourhoods Team?
A. Go to the SNTeam Ward contacts page for further details.

Q. How do I report a crime?
A. In an emergency always dial 999. (For instance if a crime is happening now) You can report a less urgent crime by telephone on 101,  
    or in person at a police station.
Q. Are there any agencies or people that can advise on home or car security? 
A. Yes, the Metropolitan Police have dedicated Crime Prevention Officers, who can assist and offer security advice for your home or car, or
    click here for further advice.
Q. Am I expected to patrol the streets?   
A. Absolutely not. The police strongly discourage people who seek to take the law into their own hands. Apart from the risk of physical injury, 
    there can be serious legal implications. If, however, you would like to play a more active role, you could always consider applying to join 
    the Metropolitan Police Special Constabulary. As a Special Constable, you will be able to help the police on a voluntary basis as a fully 
    trained officer in uniform.  
In an emergency always phone 999, For Non-Emergency 101
























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